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Pallet Rental is here to save your company money. Why spend £8 -£9 on a 1200 x 1000 heavy duty pallet when you can spend half that price and spend the rest on the more Important things in your company.. You can rent a wooden pallet very cheap, and most pallets in the pallet rental system are a heavy duty style which can withstand a few visits to and from different companies to try and make the companies money back. Your Stanard pallet size is 1200 x 1000 and 1200 x 800, we are set up with both these sizes in mind, drop us an email today and you`ll be very suprised how much a 1 trip heavy duty pallet will cost your company. Even if you are using non returnable pallets the price we charge for our 1 trip pallets will still give your company a big saving and you will be using a premium grade pallet at the same time.

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So don`t forget this website or just domain name is for sale, If you need the website for pallet rental or pallet pooling whatever you need it for, it will help your company, with a liitle more work to the websites you could also be high in the search engines.

If your looking for pallet collars then why not try us today for some very competitive prices, we also manufacture the pallets,lids and cardboard inserts, we offer the full package.....

Ispm 15 Pallets v Kiln Dried Pallets

Our sister company Heat Treated Pallets can offer you both Heat Treated pallets to Ispm 15 and also kiln dried pallets to a very low moisture content if required. When the heat treatment process has been completed will then be able to offer you our Certificate of conformity and also put the heat treatment stamp on the blocks to match. You will than be able to send our pallets anywhere in the world.